It is almost as amazing how supportive a mastermind group can be as it is disappointing that the people you most want to improve for just don’t get it. It is not as if this is the first time I have had this experience. I am grateful for the feedback I have had from the mastermind group since my last post and have been greatly encouraged to stay on the path.

I had an epiphany 30 years ago where I changed almost overnight from a hopelessly addicted gambler, a seeker after every kind of sensual pleasure and an abuser of whatever substance was accessible. I met with God in my own bed…no other person was involved but I was awakened to a life changing truth. My girlfriend at that time thought I was going mad and was on the verge of walking out when the car she was sat in filled with light and she knew that I was more sane than I had ever been. When she told me of her experience which was so different from my own it was hard to reconcile the two, but it was the same power, the same person coming to both of us in the way we each needed to meet Him.

We have talked about having to learn to love the person we are trying to become and I am getting there, but if I were to dwell on the person I used to be all those years ago I could only have love for him and a hearts desire that he would find out what I know… but I would certainly have no desire to become like him again.

However at the time there were people who came and begged me to go back. One was a close family member and in truth most of my family members have never come to accept the new me.  My best friend of many years, (we met in school aged 11 and we had been each others best man at our weddings) walked in to my living room and gave me an ultimatum. Go back to how you were or we are finished, I said I could not go back and he turned and walked out into the night. Another friend did likewise and I have seen them both of them once in the 30years since and they treated me worse than a complete stranger.

So now I am faced with a similar situation once again and yet I can face it this time with perfect peace. How many others have been so prepared to face such massive change?

My ideas are bigger now and some colleagues are not yet ready to come up higher and see what I see, but I know that they will, I will nurture them and lead them until they do see …

I did a random act of kindness that was bigger than anything I had ever previously done to a relative stranger, in fact I was surprised myself that my new character would do such a thing… and the person closest of all to me is upset, no mad at me for having done it,

and yet that person is such a generous person, perhaps the act was more fitting for their character than mine and thats where the shock waves came from. Nevertheless I am glad I did it and I am sure it will work out well in the end.

…Haanel in 21:17 says Do not hesitate to aspire to the highest possible attainments in anything you may undertake, for the mind forces are ever ready to lend themselves to a purposeful will in the effort to crystallise its highest aspirations into acts, accomplishments and events…

and 21:19. There is no limit to what this law can do for you; dare to believe in your own idea; remember that Nature is plastic to the ideal (I think he means God is Willing) Think of the ideal as AN ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED FACT.

Is that not what I read my DMP every day as if it were an already accomplished fact…sometimes I have fallen asleep listening to my recording of my DMP and woken with a start knowing for sure that it is happening as I listen. And then I realise it is still future for me… but it is a sure and certain future and this time my companions will be with me to celebrate it.

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