Business…may you Prosper

We believe strongly that financial prosperity is a part of Gods blessing but that there are some conditions that determine whether we can enjoy the fullness of it.

Around the world billions are trapped in poverty under repressive or corrupt regimes and even in the so called free West many are trapped by other powerful forces. It’s sometimes hard to agree that God’s plan is for all to prosper when we see relatively few with plenty and the multitude without. Believe me when I tell you there is enough for everyone and if one person works hard and smart and produces more that never needs to mean that someone else has less.

There is a scripture where King David of Israel asked “Why do the wicked prosper?” Psalm 37 To determine how long their riches last and whether that represents real prosperity you will have to read the whole Psalm and make some personal choices. It’s always been one of my favourites.

Integrity, honesty, fairness and providing real value has to be the foundation of true prosperity. To have a barn full of plenty and not be able to sleep soundly is not prosperity. Your life could end this very night and to not know that you will have left the world a better place but merely left a great pile of things and possessions for your family to sort out and probably fight over is not success nor is it prosperity.

If we look after our planet there will be enough for everyone

We are proud to promote a company that really cares about the planet we all call home.  A company where we think everybody wins: and we would like to tell you why.

Anyone can buy their products online and have them delivered direct to the door. No commitment needed for what they call Direct Customers who get great products that make their homes and their families healthier by eliminating toxins and improving nutrition.

Preferred Customers do make a bit more commitment but they get all the above plus 30-50% discounts off those products.  If Preferred Customers place their monthly orders before the 25th of each month they get 15% back in points which they use to get extra products for free. Because there are nearly 200 products in the range being able to try new ones for free is a nice little incentive.

It’s a Win Win situation.

The company wins because it always knows in advance what ingredients it needs to buy in to manufacture the required amounts of each product so they can get them at the best prices and also eliminate waste. And it benefits the customer in several ways too. First, since the ingredients are natural they are best when they are fresh so the systems means products don’t sit on shelves or in transit for weeks on end. And the more obvious benefit is; it’s the monthly ordering that keeps the prices low for preferred customers.

Preferred Customers also have the choice to become Marketing Executives at no extra cost which means they can introduce other customers to the company and be paid a little commission on every order those customers place for as long as they both remain customers. This commission may start small but it rises according to the number of customers they introduce and there are many bonuses for encouraging their customers to do likewise. This can result in a few pounds off the monthly shop, a few hundred to set against household bills or a full time replacement income with no ceiling. It is entirely up to the individual.

The Manufacturer wins because it gets more customers without paying for advertising. Advertising and distribution is a great expense in business and a lot of the money saved is shared out with the Marketing Executives. Some of the money saved goes to market research and some goes for better safer, natural ingredients in the products.

So the customer wins again because they get better quality products, their children and pets win because their homes are safer.

The wider environment wins because there are fewer harsh chemicals entering the ecosystem through the nations drains and not so much plastic ends up in the landfills.

You may be thinking, “Surely somebody must lose if all these people are winning?” But actually that does not need to be the case! That’s the great thing about it as we said earlier, contrary to popular thinking that there must always be a loser if there is a winner there can always be a way for everyone to win…we just have to want it and look for it.

We were so glad when we found it we have been partners with the company for the last 14 years…what is it called?  Melaleuca, the Wellness Company.

We have travelled the world, we’ve met so many people who have become lifelong friends. We have seen people build solid second incomes that have made a huge difference to their lifestyles and others go all out and develop 6 figure businesses out of their own front rooms. Truly anything is possible

If you would like to know more about how we might be able to help each other watch the videos on our website at, and then reach out for this months special offer.