Today is September 26th 2016 and I am at the beginning of a journey along the road with my Master Keys Mastermind Alliance. This is my first blog post concerning this.  The rest of the message is the first draft of my DMP or Definite Major Purpose. What will it look like when it is done is a question I often ask myself. This is the way I see it looking.

It is February 2021. I am entertaining my whole family for a week in Spain to celebrate my 65th birthday. These last 5 years have been a thrilling ride for me, my wife and so many associates who have enjoyed all we have achieved together.

My working time these days is divided about equally between my Christian service and my Melaleuca Network Marketing Business.

As Senior Pastor at Hindley Green Family Church I have responsibility for a paid staff of 7 plus numerous volunteers. I have overall responsibility for the whole congregation of between 450 and 500 people. The leadership structure starts with connect groups of around 8-15 people: they meet in homes around the district. Trained leaders have responsibility for several groups which they visit in turn throughout each month.

I am still recruiting, and training the leaders and teams in our growing Melaleuca Organisation.  I enjoy the balance between the church and the business. Stephanie and I take at least 8 weeks every year to travel. We split our travelling between preaching around the world and personal leisure, rest, and discovery.

The Melaleuca group has grown to more than 5000 customers with hundreds of business builders enjoying good incomes. We have been making such an impact in the battle against climate change and have helped all these families improve the health of their families, the safety of their homes as well as their finances.

True health was always my personal driver and at 175lbs I have as much energy now as I had when I was 45. The supplements we specialise in have been wonderful for me and I am proud to promote them.

Leaving a legacy is important to me and the way the church has grown both numerically and in spiritual maturity is something that gives me and those with whom I shared the oversight immense satisfaction. We took an old run down prefabricated community centre and have completely rebuilt it one section at a time. That was how we never lost the use of it. The renewed facility is a great encouragement for what used to be pretty a poor community. The main auditorium seats 200 and we almost fill it twice each Sunday. Rather than looking for a bigger facility which we think would lose the family atmosphere we have cherished, we are planting another church under 3 miles away in Platt Bridge.