Hey everybody… we are only three weeks in to the Master Key program and I am already noticing some strange behavioural changes affecting me in every area.

I am getting things done too soon… I am not sure if I can cope, I am finding myself with time to spare and nothing to do in it.

You see I am a deadline person, I have always thrived on the last minute rush… I began my working life in Newspapers and then did 13 more years in publishing at Yellow Pages either in front line sales or first line management. All that taught me the excitement of working to deadlines.

It pervades everything…Even after 30 Years of preaching and many hundreds of sermons I rarely have one ready before midnight on the night before it’s due.  To be honest I have liked it that way. You can’t believe the adrenalin rush as you step up to the platform having only finished the message a few hours earlier.

But what’s happening?…Mark J has had me saying “Do it Now” 25 times twice a day out loud. I have been writing on little cards… I promise to do stuff by the following Thursday or even Sunday and saying “I always keep my promises”, but in most cases I have done it by the next day.  I was asked to write a script for our Melaleuca online presentation months ago…literally months, and I was keen to do it too, it was needed but somehow I just couldn’t chisel out the time…I wrote it down on October the 2nd…I promise to write the Melaleuca Script by Sunday the 9th of October…and ‘I always keep my promises’. I read it out loud 3 times each day.

No joke… I had done it by Tuesday…that’s a victory worth celebrating… but to be honest I don’t like it much and I am working on making it more exciting and adding emotion to it.

Ahhh…what am I thinking.

That’s what they made me do with my DMP. (thats my Definite Major Purpose) I followed the course instructions and wrote it down exactly the way I see it and sent it off by email. I couldn’t believe it when it came back after a few days with comments all over it…”sounds like a list”…”where is the emotion”…”how is Subby (that’s the subconscious mind) supposed to go to work on this” etc. etc.

I suppose I was a bit miffed but I got to work right away and changed it anyway…and then I changed it again…and again…and again.

I was limited to 400 words which I thought was too few but I decided to trust the process… and I am very competitive too so I got it bang on 400. I thought it was good, I was quite pleased with myself…but back it came anyway. Truth is, I would never have believed how much better I could make it with a little help from my friends and a bit more constructive thought on my part. I think I nearly have it now. Lo tengo ahora.

Well you would think that would be enough wouldn’t you…BUT NO…Now I feel compelled to go over and over my Melaleuca script making it better each time I do…and believe it or not I got up even earlier than normal on Sunday morning and went through my sermon again and I do reckon I improved it quite a lot. With a bit more thought I managed to say more, more powerfully and with less words in less time.

You never know, this might catch on.