I heard a line in a song on the radio today, ‘And we’ve got to get ourselves Back to the Garden’. The Song was called Woodstock. It reminded me of my hippy days in the late 60s. Are you going to San Francisco? Will you wear flowers in your hair? Well actually we only got as far as St Ives in Cornwall, close to the South Westerly tip of Great Britain: and I am sure we believed it was possible to get back to the garden…the protest singers were heavily concentrating on Viet Nam but we were more interested in Making Love with no thoughts of War in that peaceful corner of England .

Then we all grew up… the pimples cleared up and before we knew it the hair started to fall out and now here I am to tell the tale in my seventh decade.

But looking back there was a certain flow then, a freedom I suppose, a kind of relaxation, an ability to dream about bigger things than paying bills and getting by from day to day. We truly thought we could change the world one way or another but I don’t think we changed it at all, certainly not for the better.

There has been a long gap in the middle but I am actually beginning to dream again. I actually do believe we can still change the world…we were just looking in the wrong place…we were looking to change the effects and now at this late stage we come to realise we were supposed to be looking at the cause. Well we have to teach it to the current generation of young people and hope they can grasp it better than we did.

The very best life it was ever possible to live was in the Garden of Eden…Whether you think the story allegorical or you take it literally is your business and I am not looking to persuade you either way, but all the blessings of God were there, and all they had to do was live in harmony with Him and cooperate with the natural laws that He had set up for their advantage.

All the natural laws, including the 7 laws of the mind that we have been thinking so much about were set up for man’s good. God had no plan for man’s defeat then and neither does He now. He is a benevolent creator with no malevolence in Him at all. He is light and in Him there is no darkness at all. He is love and love is all he requires of us. To love Him and to love one another, that can’t be so hard.

Have you ever noticed what happens to the darkness when light breaks in. The light wins every time and if we will live in the light of God our victory is assured.

But back to the Garden…it was the best it could possibly be there… there was no way to improve the situation at all.  They were in perfect harmony with God, with nature, with each other. The Affirmation we heard about a few weeks ago,  “I am Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious and Happy” can never have been more true.

But Adam had a choice…we have the same choice today…Their choice to disobey a simple instruction based on a false promise from the tempter caused them to forfeit everything they had that was precious.

Warnings are given to keep us from harm. The warning had been, if you eat of it you will surely die, and although physical death took a long time to manifest their spirit died right then, their inner peace, and their peace with God, was broken in an instant and since the outer world is a reflection of the inner world there could be no peace on the earth from that moment forward. (Not until Emanuel, God among us, stepped in)

It was not too long before one son was to murder another and eventually violence so filled the earth that even a great flood couldn’t stem the tide.

In the Master Keys 15:9b we read, “Our highest happiness will be best attained through our understanding of and conscious cooperation with natural laws

The apostle John wrote a letter and in it he says  “This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.And if we know that he hears us—whatever we ask—we know that we have what we asked of him.” 1 John 5:14,15

My understand is that the words ‘according to His will, and ‘in harmony with the laws of nature’ are synonymous and if we can attain to that, and like the Apostle Paul I have to say I have not yet attained, we will truly be ‘Whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.

But having not yet attained but having eyes on the will of God as the ultimate goal I can live a full and abundant life on the way. I can’t bring about Gods will on the earth but I can bring it about in my own life and Jesus said that I should pray for it…Thy Kingdom Come, thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

Its His Plan, the Kingdom, He has the power to make it happen and as we see it manifesting before us we must give Him all the glory.

Thanksgiving is the cause… not the effect.

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