How many people leave school and think that’s it. They think “I have finished that phase of life now its time to draw the line under it.” They get a job, work hard, set up home have a family and work though to retirement. They spend most of their evenings tired out watching one box before they finally put them in another box and nail the lid on. Box to box.

Well maybe it used to work that way but those days are well and truly gone. I was brought up in that old mindset and I guess like many of my old schoolmates I could have stayed there. But I have found there is something much more exciting, constant and continual learning and the application of that learning can bring rewards the old mindset could never have asked for or even imagined.

We educated our children at home…all 8 of them. When I say we I really mean my wife Steppy who worked such wonders with little resource. I am not sure al the children have quite grasped their advantage yet but they are doing very well for the main part. What the homeschooling did for them was teach them to be resourceful, to seek out the information they needed at the time they needed it and to build the habit into them of always wanting to satisfy that curiosity. I believe it taught them more than anything else to think for themselves. The girls especially will argue with the old dinosaur they think I am on all points. I feel a bit put out sometimes but I am glad deep down that they can make their own minds up about serious issues…and we don’t have to agree about everything to be in unity and love one another. Otherwise how would we ever make progress if someone didn’t disagree with the previously accepted norms.

Thats is what I have been getting out of the Master Key MMA. I am not taking on board the views of the authors we are reading without question, I am processing them and they are making clear the reason why some things I knew by faith can actually be shown to work on a scientific basis. For instance some of the things Jesus said were not clear to me but I would accept them simply because He said them…and that was enough for me…but I have discovered things in the course that have made it more than enough.

I have had several WOW moments during the last 5 weeks when I thought, do you know, Jesus said that really clearly in John’s Gospel in this chapter and such and such a verse, He said we could not understand it at that time but when the Holy Spirit comes He would lead us into all truth. I thought WOW!  Jesus knew about all this science two thousand years ago.  Then I realised, well actually He knew a long time before that…because He set it all up that way in the first place. Some things we learn through our five senses and our powers of deduction but when He the Holy Spirit comes He really does leads us into deeper truth,  not by sense knowledge but by revelation.

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