One of the highlights of a recent convention I attended was meeting a lady called Wendie Pett one morning over breakfast. It was not an arranged meeting, we just happened to be sitting at the same table, but she was easy to get into conversation with. I was immediately taken by her energy. She was brimming over with enthusiasm for the day ahead, which was scheduled to be more hectic than most people could handle in two or three days.

I went to the meeting with the sole goal of getting my financial house in order and building a business.  Whilst I had heard the phrase wealth, health and the time to enjoy it I never really imagined it was possible. I even knew it in Spanish where it is a hopeful blessing that friends might speak over each other. “Salud y dinero y tiempo para disrupt ello”:  but still it was a hazy dream. I knew dozens of people with the one or another and I even knew some people who were enjoying two out of three but I had never personally met anyone with all three.

Well that conversation over breakfast was not just an introduction to somebody who clearly does have all three but it opened up the door for me, to know, to dare and to believe that I could have it too.

The business I had been playing with for sometime had seemed like a lot of work for a little return. I enjoyed the camaraderie and the healthy products I was promoting certainly were helping me and others around me but I had not really figured out what a real burst of energy and a sustained effort could do. The term residual income sounded good, but enough residual income seemed like an impossible task. Even the people I knew who had retired on pensions after many years of service had still been forced to reduce their lifestyle. I was looking to travel more, see more, do more as soon as time allowed. The big day was fast approaching but the means to enjoy life to the full beyond it was nowhere in sight.

But this was the day of revelation! I remembered what Zigler had said last time I heard him. “To get what you want you have to help enough other people get what they want.” I had thought it was a nice catch phrase, but this was the  day I would realise that it’s the total truth.

And how hard would it be to just show a few people they could make their home a safer place, help to make the environment a better place for generations to come and help families to meet their own financial objectives without having to spend any new money.

That started the ball rolling.  Now I had the knowledge…but the real test was to see if I had the courage to break out of the JOB box we all seem to live in…Well I dared to do it and the rewards were not long in coming. I am never going to look back.  I am thankful for the morning I met Wendy Pett…because at 55 years old I have more energy when I was 35…she made  a big difference to my health and even though my business was nothing to do with her she inspired  me that morning to go for the other two parts of that glorious trio, health, wealth and the time to enjoy them both. I wish her love, joy, peace and happiness though I dare say she doesn’t even remember me.