North West Business People can find out here how they can greatly increase awareness of their services at no cost to themselves and can help thousands of people around the world at the same time.

Cornerstone Christian Radio is a point of contact and sometimes even a lifeline for many people around the world, people who may have no other helpful input in their lives.

Just as the sun is always shining and the rain is always falling somewhere in the world, there is always someone who needs a word of encouragement to get them through life’s difficult times.  That’s just why CCRadio is broadcasting the foundations of faith around the world 24/7/365 from our studios in Blackpool, Lancashire with the Personal Growth Program coming from Atherton, Greater Manchester.

The internet is a wonderful tool that can reach parts of the globe that might otherwise be inaccessible.

Here, in the relative freedom and safety of the UK we can enjoy live shows every day but Internet radio may be the only friendly voice in the world for many people suffering persecution.

Pastor Rob Channings presents the Personal Growth Program every morning Monday to Friday 7:30-9:00. and there are other live presenters on at various times each day. We receive feedback from all over the world but one of Pastor Rob’s goals for his show is to help business people and entrepreneurs  in the Northwest of England to grow in all areas of life.

We want to see people grow Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Educationally, Financially… we want to see their marriages, their relationships, their social life continually improving and we do everything we can to see their businesses grow too.

Whilst we are a Christian station our listeners are not all believers but they all enjoy the wholesome educational stuff we broadcast every morning. Some of the feedback we get about the uplifting training materials that we play each day is reward in itself.

So why should you become a three way partner with us and what does it actually mean anyway?

Our costs are high and we don’t sell advertising so our revenue comes in one of two ways.

First we have donors who commit regular gifts via monthly standing order, (see the website if you fancy helping that way).

Second, we have Three-way Partners who contribute enormously without committing any extra outlay… and some of them even develop additional income for their business.

How is that possible?

We’ let me tell you…the Personal Growth Program is sponsored by one of the worlds largest online health and wellness manufacturers, Melaleuca the Wellness Company who have been providing household and personal hygiene products for over 30 years.

Our “three-way partners” pay us nothing, but they change the way they buy some of their essentials. They simply open a shopping account with Melaleuca through us. Then they use the account once each month to purchase products similar to those they would be buying anyway at the supermarkets and they get 30%-40% discounts and loyalty rewards as well.

We think the products are better which is why we promote them, we know they are safer to use in the office and the home, especially around children and pets, and they help our environment in multiple ways too. Once they have tried them most people agree with us about the quality of the products and stay for years but there is no obligation, no long term contract.

Try them, and if you like them stay but if not go back to the supermarket.

However, for as long as you do stay we will talk about your business on the program. We will refer to you as a three way partner at least 9 times every month and if you have an interesting story that we think will help our other listeners to grow in their business or personal life we will come out and interview you and play the interview on one of our morning shows.

If you would like to know how else you could benefit from being a three way partner contact us through this site, or the quickest way will be to call Pastor Robert on 0759 006 5454

Pastor Robert and his wife Stephanie have lead Hindley Green Family Church in the Wigan Borough since 2005 and with a very able leadership team they have recently launched Cornerstone Family Church at Bryn, about 6 miles away. The church have a vision to irradiate homelessness and child poverty in all the territory in between which will mean a new venture in Platt Bridge, a town half way between the two current campuses.

The leaders of Cornerstone Christian Radio, Cornerstone Family Church and HGFC at the Bethel Community Centre would gratefully welcome three way partnership with compatible North West businesses and the more we get the faster they will make it happen .