It seems that my thoughts and comments on today’s Royal Wedding have caused offense to at least one person and so I thought I’d take the time to sit down and write more fully what I believe has happened today. Here is the FB post if you have not seen it. “It was fantastic. The royal wedding allowed the Trinity to be preached to billions. The lusty singing of Jerusalem was just what this country needs. Let’s put the Great back in Great Britain, Father Son and Holy Ghost on the throne and Britannia back on the coinage. If the secular humanists, atheists, anti-royalists and the like are not happy well I am not sorry. I believe in God as I know the Queen does and I believe in the British monarchy as an institution that is respected and honoured all around the world. I believe that this country will truly prosper only when it returns to its Christian roots. The people will follow what the leaders do and as far as I am concerned even if their authority is only symbolic the monarch is the highest spiritual authority in the land. God save the Queen.