The most important thing we have in this world is our health. When its gone the joy goes out of life, when it’s gone completely life on earth is over. We all have a finite time to spend here and yet many of us only give our health a second thought when we get sick. Through Aglow Health Limited we have been helping improve peoples quality of life since the year 2000AD.

If you are Healthy now…congratulations                                                                                                        We love to work with proactive people who are healthy now and plan to stay healthy for a lot longer. Eating, drinking and sleeping, positive thinking and exercise can add a couple of decades to your life. Think about it now and get in touch. Maybe you would even like to work with us helping others stay healthy.

Are you are suffering now?                                                                                                        Unfortunately many have already lost their health and are suffering constant pain and can no longer move around as they would like to. Fortunately we can often help improve mobility and provide drug free pain relief to sufferers with arthritis, back pain, COPD, asthma, swollen legs (oedema) and circulation problems

We supply bespoke rise and recliner chairs, adjustable beds and bathing aids.                       The chairs and beds support the body, relaxing the muscles and allowing for better circulation. We can also fit an optional therapeutic massage in the chairs and the beds.   Nothing gives us a feeling of well being at the end of a stressful day than a warm bath. Unfortunately many people in later years struggle to get in and out of the bath so we partnered with the makers of both the Aqualift and Easy2Bathe to help our customers enjoy their bath once more.

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