I was thinking about the mechanics of the Alpha Course preparing for week 5 at our church in Hindley Green. It may seem obvious but I have been missing it for 25 years so maybe it will help you too. Nicky Gumble was truly inspired when he put the course and all its materials together and I am sure that neither he nor the One who inspired him will mind us borrowing a few lessons from it to use in other areas of life. People come out with all kinds of statements about Christianity without really having thought them through.  It’s a crutch, its blind faith, there is no real history to support what he is saying.

It is too easy to accept and believe that kind of throw away statement even though they usually come from people who know very little but behave as if they know a lot. It may be a little harder to stop the bus and decide to find out for yourself but the dividends can be enormous. Just the great feeling of liberty at having broken out of the bondage of other peoples opinions makes it worth the effort.

Back to Alpha as the example. Building up the information from reliable sources and not hearsay, line upon line, precept upon precept Nicky gives a foundation not for learning by rote but for true understanding. A decision based on all the facts and not somebody else’s prejudice is a good decision, even if there could have been a better one at least you can say you took responsibility and all are therefore entitled to all the blessings that come out of it.