Feeling good, slimming down

I tipped the scales at 14st 7lb today (July 13th 2016). You may think thats pretty heavy and you are right but only twelve weeks ago I was horrified to see the scales straining and screaming out the news. Sixteen stone-four pounds. Sixty years of age, aching hips and knees and I am thinking how on earth am I going to sort this out?

Last time a calamity of this proportion hit me so hard I was 47. I had slowly crept up to 17 stones that time and now I could see the trend heading the same way.

At 47 I was a lot fitter so I went walking, then jogging and then running. I spent hours in the gym, I did the Atkins diet and set myself goals and targets and awarded prizes to myself on achievement. And it worked, I got down to 12st-10lb in due course. And I stayed that way for several years.

Then a personal crisis hit, there were false accusations in the work place after I discovered a fraudulent transaction.

By the time the investigation were over and a high up official in the company apologised over a video screen from her holiday in Spain and asking could we carry on as normal I was already back on the road to physical ruin.

It me took a long time to get over the extremities of the political correct human resources brigade, I felt it was like Soviet Russia the way they behaved. I tried but trust was broken so I left the role and then the company.

It took a while for me to forgive and stop feeling sorry for myself. This is not good news for the physical body because unforgiveness, resentment and stress all have physical manifestation.┬áThat is the only reason I mention it here… because stress causes your body to gain weight and makes it almost impossible to lose it. It really is not totally about diet and exercise. Sleep plays a massive part as does loving yourself the way you are while on the path to where you want to be.

So do YOURSELF a favour: get right with God, love yourself happy and forgive those who have trespassed against you and we are ready to start.

I will write more about the things I have done so far on my road back to 12st 10lb in the coming days. I am just celebrating being half way there. Not with cake though. I stopped eating those except as a treat on Sundays.