Royal wedding puts the ‘Great’ back in Great Britain

It seems that my thoughts and comments on today’s Royal Wedding have caused offense to at least one person and so I thought I’d take the time to sit down and write more fully what I believe has happened today. Here is the FB post if you have not seen it. “It was fantastic. The royal wedding allowed the Trinity to be preached to billions. The lusty singing of Jerusalem was just what this country needs. Let’s put the Great back in Great Britain, Father Son and Holy Ghost on the throne and Britannia back on the coinage. If the secular humanists, atheists, anti-royalists and the like are not happy well I am not sorry. I believe in God as I know the Queen does and I believe in the British monarchy as an institution that is respected and honoured all around the world. I believe that this country will truly prosper only when it returns to its Christian roots. The people will follow what the leaders do and as far as I am concerned even if their authority is only symbolic the monarch is the highest spiritual authority in the land. God save the Queen.


Blue moon goes down a treat at lunch…then rises at teatime semi.

Henry’s Wine Bar on Piccadilly was a great place to gather our strength for the big match.  We had taken Shanks’s Pony round the Streets of London. Grace had never been to the big, big city before so we had to see the Eye, a Captain Jack Sparrow look-a-like and some guy stood up a ladder escaping from chains and padlocks. Then we crossed the bridge to get a closer look at the seat of government, and the big clock and we were thinking about going into Westminster Abbey but the queue was too long and they wanted 16 quid a head. Clearly no-one has told them that my Fathers House is not to be made a place of merchandise?

So what was left but to sit outside Henry’s, enjoy a very pleasant steak club sandwich and down the Blue Moon.  It was cloudy to look at but tasted like nectar. To be fair it would not have mattered what it tasted like. It just seemed to be the right thing to do on the day the other blue moon was due to rise over Wembley Stadium.

The best team in the land, and the only football team to come from Manchester were about to end the treble hopes of the London Reds. “This city is yours, this city is yours, we’re going home now, this city is yours”, rang round that half of the national stadium that was dressed in sky blue as the defeated red army scurried hastily away.  Someone pointed out the fact that they are not good losers but that’s probably because they have not had as much practice at it as us.

I think that victory marks the point in history where we will look back and say the worm turned.  For twenty minutes it looked like the trophyless misery might continue for another year but when the Silva Spaniard picked up the game by the scruff of its neck hope began to rise in the hearts of the blue clad tribe. The half ended all square and a different team came out after the tea break. They took their time. I thought they weren’t coming but when they did appear all those good things we expect and hope for were more apparent. Like commitment, drive, passion, precision passing and the vital ingredient from Toure Yaya.  The GOAL.

The girls were so excited. “I hate this game” one of them said as she hoped we would desperately hang on to the end, and then the extra 5 minutes that’s customary when Fergie is in attendance, even if he is banned from the touchline and conducting his orchestra electronically from the stands.  Unusually for me there were no nerves at all at that point. I could see they were a spent force. Scholes had left in disgrace after trying to emulate former Kung Fu heroes. All they had left to do was spit their dummies out because Super Mario flashed his badge toward the stand long vacated by the now distraught red army. Calm down Mr Anderson. Never mind Rio, go home and tweet, it’ll make you feel better. But get used to this. The Blue Moon is rising.

Alpha, an Educated Leap of Faith

I was thinking about the mechanics of the Alpha Course preparing for week 5 at our church in Hindley Green. It may seem obvious but I have been missing it for 25 years so maybe it will help you too. Nicky Gumble was truly inspired when he put the course and all its materials together and I am sure that neither he nor the One who inspired him will mind us borrowing a few lessons from it to use in other areas of life. People come out with all kinds of statements about Christianity without really having thought them through.  It’s a crutch, its blind faith, there is no real history to support what he is saying.

It is too easy to accept and believe that kind of throw away statement even though they usually come from people who know very little but behave as if they know a lot. It may be a little harder to stop the bus and decide to find out for yourself but the dividends can be enormous. Just the great feeling of liberty at having broken out of the bondage of other peoples opinions makes it worth the effort.

Back to Alpha as the example. Building up the information from reliable sources and not hearsay, line upon line, precept upon precept Nicky gives a foundation not for learning by rote but for true understanding. A decision based on all the facts and not somebody else’s prejudice is a good decision, even if there could have been a better one at least you can say you took responsibility and all are therefore entitled to all the blessings that come out of it.